about me

the short story is that i’m a cryptocurrency researcher and investor. you can find a pretty exhaustive list of my work history at linkedin (don’t try to message me there—i don’t use it!).

i am a swedish native, i have a msc. in computer science from the faculty of engineering, lund university where i specialized in blockchain technology.

i actively invest and advise cryptocurrency projects and i currently sit on the board of the starknet foundation.

i used to be a bitcoin maximalist, but since bitcoin never enabled drivechains, i now work on both bitcoin and non-bitcoin projects (recommended links: 1, 2, 3), with a specific interest in ethereum l2s.

in the past, i worked at a technology company, cinnober, which built a significant part of the global clearing infrastructure and later became acquired by nasdaq. following that, i was the chief investment officer of arcane assets 2019-2022.

i’ve acted as an expert witness on multiple cryptocurrency court cases and have won awards for exposing flaws in cryptocurrency projects.

i have a keen interest in privacy and have advised the human rights foundation for a number of years, as well as written multiple guides on their behalf on how to maintain privacy when handling cryptocurrencies.

while i’m certainly no vulnerability researcher, i classify myself as a whitehat and will occasionally report problems i discover in protocols.

seven things i’m known for: